As the parents of three children with autism we wrote the how-to book we kept looking for but could never find. The first thing you need to know about us is that we’re just like you. Before this started we had no idea what the functions of behavior were. Like you we read all the books. None of the books answered the burning questions that kept us up at night. Learn from our mistakes and our triumphs. Now repeat after us: it is not my fault that my child has autism. Good. Now Let’s get to work. Welcome to our site.
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Autism Art

Feb 1, 2015 | No Comments
Autism Art

There is a confirmed link autism and art, so much so that there is actually a subcategory of autism art. We spoke at an autism conference with Temple Grandin recently and she told us how she got jobs as a teenager and a young adult. She liked art and to embroider western shirts.  She effectively was wearing a […]

2015 Autism New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 30, 2014 | No Comments
2015 Autism New Year’s Resolutions

Autism parents – what will be your New Year’s Resolution for 2015? Is there such a thing as a “new year” for parent’s of kid’s on the spectrum?  Or are we all locked into a, “survive one more day” mentality where the same 24-hours just repeats itself day-after-countess-day until the delineation of weekday, weekend, month, […]

Autism increase due to paperwork?

Dec 5, 2014 | No Comments

Many speculated that the diagnosis rates for autism would increase when DSM 5 came out. It would be safe to assume that a large portion of the 60% the author refers to would be attributed to a simple change in the paperwork. One of the biggest changes was that Aspergers was folded into the autism spectrum. […]

Could special screenings lead to segregation?

Dec 3, 2014 | No Comments
Could special screenings lead to segregation?

Could special screenings lead to segregation?  It’s not heard to imagine someone saying the words, “separate but equal.”  Imagine if you will other paying customers complaining at the disruption of a child who has a stimming behavior of tapping his foot or humming or both?  Do paying customers have the right to complain?  After all […]

Autism on the rise in Beirut and Mount Lebanon

Dec 3, 2014 | No Comments

Autism on the rise around the world BEIRUT: New research reveals that the rate of autism in Beirut and Mount Lebanon has risen to one in 67, according to specialists who attended the second conference held by the OpenMinds Association and AUBMC Special Kids Clinic. The conference, held at the American University of Beirut Medical […]

Meet The Parents of 3 kids on the autism spectrum

Nov 18, 2014 | No Comments
Meet The Parents of 3 kids on the autism spectrum

Melissa and Andy will be speaking at the Parent’s Place along with Dr. Temple Grandin. Melissa & Andy will share personal stories about life with three children on the autism spectrum. Topics include what to do after the autism diagnosis, knowing your end game with autism and the importance of keeping your relationship strong.  Hosted […]