An amazing review

What does every mom or dad with a newly-diagnosed son or daughter with autism need most?  A chatty, friendly, deeply informed best friend who is relentlessly honest but also realistically positive about the most effective ways to get through the confusing maze of choices that every parent of a kid on the spectrum faces.

Melissa and Andrew Areffi’s wonderful book “Navigating Autism” can serve the role of that best friend with warmth, humor, savvy, flair, and most importantly, tons of practical information for dealing with everything from visiting a regional center, to assembling a team of therapists, to helping your kid (and you!) have more fun on community outings, to appealing an IEP (Individualized Educational Program). Melissa and Andrew know this terrain well, having three beautiful kids on the spectrum themselves, and they skillfully weave their own family’s stories through the book. Highly recommended. — Steve Silberman, editor, Wired magazine

Steve Silberman
contributing editor, Wired magazine

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