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Autism Art

There is a confirmed link autism and art, so much so that there is actually a subcategory of autism art.

We spoke at an autism conference with Temple Grandin recently and she told us how she got jobs as a teenager and a young adult. She liked art and to embroider western shirts.  She effectively was wearing a billboard of her art work.  Good Advice.

As parents of kids on the spectrum we know our kids probably won’t get jobs the conventual way so we have to be constantly on the alert to find the back door. One of those ways is to always have your child’s portfolio with you, either on your phone or online. As parents we also have to help the companies we work for prepare for our kids becoming adults.  Everyone needs to go to your HR department and ask what jobs could a kid with autism could do in this company?  When they stare at you blankly, educate them.   #autism #art

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