Learning about Death

Figaro Amanda Sweetheart Areffi

Figaro Amanda Sweetheart Areffi Born February 14, 2014 Died May 26, 2016 On the night of May 25th Figaro had been sick, very sick for month.  I comforted him, gave him medicine and even bathed him (even though he didn’t want to).  In the middle of the night, I woke up and he was cold. … Read more

Autism Art

Dr. Twilight and Ms. Sparcake

There is a confirmed link autism and art, so much so that there is actually a subcategory of autism art. We spoke at an autism conference with Temple Grandin recently and she told us how she got jobs as a teenager and a young adult. She liked art and to embroider western shirts.  She effectively was wearing a … Read more